All Power America APW5118 Review

All Power America APW5118 Review

All Power America APW5118 Gas Pressure Washer
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There are no tricks or secrets of getting a pressure washer that has the capability of handling all heavy duty demands from you. We said so simply because all you got to do is to get a gas powered unit that is generated by a durable horse power motor from a reputable manufacturer. This is the reason why we decided to write a unbiased review about the All Power America APW5118 .Let's start with some of the prime key features of this unit.

Key Features:
This 3200 PSI gas pressure washer has a 0.95 gallon fuel tank capacity and is powered by a highly efficient 208cc OHV 4 stroke engine that is mounted on a durable and rugged metal tube-frame. This engine also provides superb cleaning performance that allows you to drastically reduce time needed to complete any cleaning tasks. The All Power America APW5118 is also equipped with a maintenance free heavy duty pump that can deliver a strong water flow at 2.7 GMP.When you paired these 2 components into this machine, what you are getting is literally a powerful workhorse that can easily blast off any stubborn stains, mud or moulds from your driveways, your garage and vehicles and bring back the original shine of your properties by doing the power wash yourself.

With the help of the two 10 inch wheels that give a good balance of stability for the metal frame, you can easily transport this unit from a job site to another. Mo rugged terrains will be way too difficult for you to push this pressure washer around. To further prolongs the lifespan of the pump, the All Power America APW5118 has a thermal relief valve that will protect the pump from overheating if you happened to close the spray gun for an extended amount of time. To give you more cleaning choices, the All Power America APW5118 throws in 5 quick connect nozzle spray tips that consist of (0º, 15º, 25º, 40º, soap applicator). These nozzle spray tips allows you to have a full control over the degree of spray patterns that best fit any cleaning tasks that you need to handle.

What we truly like about the All Power America APW5118 is the fact that it is very well constructed with good quality materials, other than those that we have already mentioned, it also has a stainless steel wand and a 30 ft hose that you can easily connect to the machine with the help of the quick connect coupling. It also has a practical safety feature located on the trigger to prevent any accidental discharge of high pressure water. When this unit is not in use, you can store the 30ft hose on the hose hook and the spray gun on the gun holder.

Need to use detergent for effective grease removable ? Simply attached the soap applicator nozzle tip to get a low pressure detergent Injection from any of the two 0.8 capacity detergent bottles to do the trick! By now, most of you may wonder if the All Power America APW5118 would give the best bang for your buck. answer is pretty straightforward.If you need a heavy duty pressure washer that is reliable and well built, we will highly recommend you to get the all rounder All Power America APW5118 today.

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