AR Blue Clean AR 388 Review

AR Blue Clean AR 388 Reviews

AR Blue Clean AR 388 Residential Grade Pressure Washer
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The AR Blue Clean AR 388 is a nice compact size residential grade unit that is jammed packed with all the features and cleaning performance that are well received by homeowners. It may not be the cheapest 1800 PSI unit on the market but it’s definitely one of the most affordable electric pressure washers that are backed by a reputable brand name. Now let list out all the good and the bad about this unit for you.

Key Features:
Let’s start with the specs of this unit. As mentioned earlier, this is a 1800 PSI unit that is powered by a 14 AMPS heavy duty universal motor. What this means is that you do not have to do any re-wiring in your house as you can simply plug this unit into any standard household outlets. We also like the fact that it has durable AR triplex plunger with axial wobble plate that can pump out a pressure output at 1.5 GPM. One thing that you can be assured of is that this unit has ample power for dealing round the house tasks without the fear of causing any damages to your items. This 28 Lbs unit has a compact vertical accessory cabinet where you can conveniently keep the spray gun and detergent bottle on board.

Speaking of storage, the AR Blue Clean AR388 also provides an integrated hose reel that allows you to store the 20 ft high pressure hose neatly and prevents the hose from kinking. Without a doubt, this is one of the most preferred features by the consumers. However it is a pity that this unit only has a 20 ft hose which may not be long enough if you need to cover a wider surface area round the house. This unit has a quick connect garden hose adapter that allows you to attach a standard garden hose if you do not wish to spend more money to get an extra 30 ft hose. Now let’s discuss about the mobility of this unit. We like this trolley style cart with handy wheels and an easy to grip handle bar. It allows you to easily lift the entire unit up on stairs or you can simply pull it around the jobsite without really straining your lower backs. We are a bit concerned about the possibilities of tipping over caused by heavy top when you placed this unit on the grass or uneven surfaces.

The AR Blue Clean AR388 has another powerful feature that is designed to prolong the lifespan of the motor and also gives you the convenience of stopping the machine without having to run back to the power plug. This feature is called the total stop system that is activated when the trigger is released. Other than the mentioned benefits, this feature also ensures that no electric consumption is wasted when it is activated. To help you to manage any tasks easily, this unit also provides a versatile adjustable spray nozzle that allows you to obtain wide spray for general cleaning and a pencil point spray for quick removal of difficult stains. Although the AR Blue Clean AR388 does not have a built in detergent tank, it does include a detergent foamer bottle that adds detergent to the water stream whenever you need to perform chemical wash by reducing your cleaning time. This detergent bottle can only be attached directly to the gun and it can be easily removed as and when needed. Alternatively, you can also store your preferred detergent in this bottle and keep the bottle at the back of the machine.

Time for our verdict, we quite like the AR Blue Clean AR388 for the fact that it merely cost less than $ 200 bucks and yet still packed with a lot of powerful and convenient features. The only flaw that we can think of is the short pressure hose, but this can be easily resolved by using a garden hose or simply to get a longer high pressure hose if you need.

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