AR Blue Clean AR630 Review

AR Blue Clean AR630 Hot Pressure Washer Review

AR Blue Clean AR630 Hot Pressure Washer
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In our previous product review, we've discussed the efficiency of a powerful hot water pressure washer and how you can benefit from using it to tackle any toughest task with ease. Read more here Today we will be reviewing a hand held electric hot water power washer, the AR Blue Clean AR630. So let's take a look of some of the unique features.

Key Features:
The AR Blue Clean AR630 saves you from the hassle of heating water from an integrated diesel burner.Instead, it will draw hot water of maximum 180 degrees from an external source. Despite of it's small size, this unit is equipped with a powerful 2 horsepower induction motor that delivers a maximum 1900 PSI performance.It also has a long lasting triplex pump with ceramic plunger to deliver water flow at 2.1 GPM. The built in pressure gauge gives you the flexibility of adjusting variable pressure cater to a specific tasks.

Another feature that we like about the AR Blue Clean AR630 is the built in detergent injector. The siphon tube will give you a perfect water and detergent mix whenever you need perform any chemical wash. This hot pressure washer has a quick connector between the 25' high pressure hose and the machine, this not only allows you to quickly connect or detach the hose from the unit as and when needed, but it also reduces wear and tear on coupling. Now let's discuss about the safety features of this hot power washer. The AR Blue Clean AR630 has an automatic safety valve with low pressure by-pass that works by protecting the pump from being damaged by the hot water. This unit also includes a 21.7' GFCI power cord that will automatically shut down the machine whenever there's a power failure or outrage.

The AR Blue Clean AR630 also has a easy to clean mesh water filter kit that is designed to enhance the lifespan of the pump. Another thing that we would like to mention about is the construction of this unit. As it is designed to withdraw hot water from an external source, you may be worried if the pump is capable of handling water temperature as high as 180 degrees. A good news is that there is a brass head on the pump that is many times much durable than the plastic version. For added versatility, this unit also includes a rotatable vari-spray adjustable spray wand that allows you to have a precise spray patterns ranging from wide to pencil jet spray.

Without any doubts, the AR Blue Clean AR630 is more lightweight and portable when compared to the wheel cart hot pressure washer units. Despite of its compact design, it is jammed packed with numerous top quality components that is not only much long lasting but also served to deliver high cleaning performances that saves you both time and money in long run.

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