AR North America AR390

AR North America AR390

The 1800 PSI AR North America AR390 is a great gear that can help you to handle almost all jobs around the house. Unlike those gas generated units, this electric powered machine comes almost assembled. With simple attachments of the spray gun to the high pressure hose, this little mighty unit is ready for the run. Now let us take a quick peek of some of the prominent features of the AR North America AR390.

Briggs & Stratton 20420 Key Features:
This unit is powered by heavy duty 1.5 HP universal motor and has a reliable triplex pump with axial pistons to give you a water flow at 1.6 GPM. It is without any doubts that the AR North America AR390 is a very nice medium-duty unit that works well for all types of home cleaning projects. To further “sweeten” its overall value, this unit uses durable brass fittings instead of the typical plastic fittings that are commonly found in most machines that is in the same range. You definitely will not encounter any sort of leakage or dripping as these fittings are tightly sealed and well constructed.

This upright designed AR North America AR390 has a on board vertical cabinet storage where you can keep the nozzle tips and spray gun in place. There’s also an integrated hose reel that keep the 30 ft high pressure hose neatly on the top of the machine. This feature may be helpful when it comes to compact storage, but there are some reports that this is probably the main reason that makes the AR North America AR390 to tip over quite easily. This unit is equipped with a nice total stop system where you can conveniently start or shut off the pump through the use of the trigger gun. This saves you from the pain of having to run back to the power point whenever you need to take a short break. It also would enhance the life span of the motor as well.

To further assist you to tackle more challenging tasks, the AR North America AR390 also includes an adjustable spray nozzle where you can have a wide or pencil jet spray by twisting the wand. There’s also a turbo nozzle that is so powerful that it can clean all your power equipments and keep you from getting covered in dirt. This nozzle tip is also capable of removing stubborn stains that are tripped in uneven surfaces. The AR North America AR390 also has a built in detergent tank that clips into the back of the unit. If you need to use detergent to remove grease or any stubborn dirt, all you need to do is to use the regular nozzle tip and twist it to the wide spray setting. By doing so, soap will be automatically added to the water as you pull the trigger.

Overall, does think that the AR North America AR390 makes a very good consumer electric unit for the price.All materials used in this unit are much superior to others in the same price range. Also the AR North America AR390 has all the built in features that you dreamt of, This certainly gives you more power to handle a variety of projects. Most of the electric pressure washers come with a 25 ft long hose,the AR North America AR390, on the other hand, gives you a longer 30 ft hose and power cord. When it comes to mobility, it is very easy for you to move around with this unit as it is quite lightweight.

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