Best Karcher K2.27 Review

Karcher K2.27 Review

Karcher Modular Series K2.27
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If you want to get a small and lightweight consumer grade pressure washer by Karcher that cost less than $ 140, do pay attention to our product review on the Karcher K2.27. From our point of view, this 14 pounds unit makes a great tool for average home owners use and requires minimal storage space.

Key Features:
Anyone with low noise tolerance would immediately fall in love with this super quiet machine. Despite of its petite size, the Karcher K2.27 can deliver a maximum pressure of 1600 PSI from a universal motor.This pressure is just perfect for performing general cleaning around the house such as patio and decks. This machine comes with 2 powerful and versatile spray wands with ergonomic hand-grip , the VPS and the dirt blaster that allow you to adjust the level of pressure you need to best fit any tasks around the house. When you set the VPS spray wand at the lowest setting, it allows you to generate chemical injection via a siphon tube.

The Karcher K2.27 utilize an axial cam pump to deliver a water flow rate of 1.2 GPM. To some, it may seem too weak. However , this is the ideal pressure if you are thinking of washing your cars or some delicate items without ripping off the surfaces. You can easily assemble this unit in less than 15 minutes and start using it right away as it has no complicated operation manuals. This budget friendly electric pressure washer also has a energy saving feature located at the trigger gun. You can have full control of powering or shut off the motor by pressing the trigger gun. What we think of this total stop function is that it will some how enhance the life span of the universal motor.

If you wonder what contributes to the Karcher K2.27 ultra lightweight, we can honestly tell you it is the components that come with this unit. Nearly the entire unit are made of pvc or plastic. For this reason, it is almost impossible for you to expect the Karcher K2.27 to last you several years. However, you are unlikely to burn a hole in your wallet when you need to replace this machine. Although it comes with a 35 ft GFCI power cord, you may feel a bit restricted with its 15 ft high pressure hose. This may not be a big issue since almost any one can easily lift up the Karcher K2.27 from one location to another.

If you need a more powerful and heavy duty pressure washer, the Karcher K2.27 may not be the right one for you. Despite so, we still believe that 1600 PSI can handle most of the light weight house cleaning with ease. The inexpensive Karcher K2.27 has more pros than cons and offers great value for home owners to handle general cleaning. It emits minimal noise levels when in use and the ultra light weight design will never break your backs whenever you need to carry it to a job site.

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