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Best Cam Spray 1600HX Reviews

Cam Spray 1600HX Professional Grade Gas Pressure Washer
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One of the common misunderstandings is that the commercial pressure washers provide way too much cleaning power for average domestic needs. Is it possible to find a professional grade gas pressure washer that delivers less than 2000 PSI? The Cam Spray 1600HX can fits the bill ! Best of all, this unit is made in the U.S. you definitely won’t do any better than this Cam Spray unit.

Key Features:
The Cam Spray 1600HX is a 1600 PSI gas generated unit that can help you to deal with most of the house cleaning needs. This unit has a formidable package that is commonly found in the premium series. It has a Honda 160cc GC engine that has a house power of 5 to give you a reliable and low noise operation with fuss free start up. Additional durability of the unit is guaranteed with the help of a commercial grade rebuildable triplex plunger pump that can generates a water flow rate at 3.0 GPM. Another feature that we like about this long lifespan pump is that it has the capability of handling water up to 165° F and it is also fitted with ceramic pistons to make sure that the pump will always run cooler and thus last longer too.

The Cam Spray 1600HX allows you to have full control over the high pressure output without having to change the nozzle spray tips, this is made possible by an adjustable pressure gauge that is fitted near the pump. Alternatively, this unit gives you 2 other ways to get variable degrees of spray patterns. It provides quick change tips from 0 degree, 15 degrees, 25 degrees, 30 degrees and 40 degrees, it also has 2 piece 36 inch Multi-Reg spray wand where you can achieve Hi low output for chemical injection, and 0° to 60° tips. This machine even provides a 50' of 3/8"high pressure hose to help you to work in wider surface area without the need to move the entire machine. Another 2 great features that are bundled in this unit is providing the consumers with a large fuel tank capacity of 1.9 quarts and a 3 gallon on-board detergent tank. With the help of these two powerful features, you can use this machine for a good 1 hour non stop operation before you have to stop for quick refill. The built in detergent tank allows you to store any pressure washer safe detergent on board and use it when you need without hauling clumsy buckets.

Now let’s talk about the mobility and construction of the Cam Spray 1600HX.Although it is a 165 Lbs unit, an average size adult would find it rather easy to transport the entire unit due to the fact it has two 10" pneumatic tires for smooth mobility. You also need not worry about vibration issue since the tires are wide enough to distribute the vibration evenly. The Cam Spray 1600HX pump and engine are securely mounted on a corrosion resistant powder coated frame, you can also keep all the accessories onto the storage rack when you are done with your cleaning task.

Overall, we do think that the Cam Spray 1600HX is a nice medium duty unit that offers you versatility and top quality at its best. Most importantly, it has abundance power to help you to deal with all household cleanings comfortably.

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