Campbell Hausfeld CP5211 Review

Campbell Hausfeld CP5211 Review

Campbell Hausfeld CP5211
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If there is a electric pressure washer that has more power than the majority of it's competitors and perform just like any gas generated pressure washers. Would that appeal you? If you merely judge the Campbell Hausfeld CP5211 by it's design, you may be fooled by it. This 2000 PSI electric pressure washer is definitely not a cheap power tool it has the capability of doing a professional job if you use it to clean the deck, house siding, patio furniture or remove graffiti The heavy duty Campbell Hausfeld CP5211 is most suitable for your small business or D.I.Y home cleaning needs. It is very well constructed with high end professional grade components that we will be discussing in this review.

Key Features:
What lies inside the Campbell Hausfeld CP5211 is a heavy duty 2 Horsepower 120V induction motor, a highly durable professional grade CAT triplex plunger pump that has ceramic plungers to give you a much longer pump life. This is the perfect power tool for any one who needs to run it constantly on daily basis without worrying that the unit will break apart prematurely. It is also equipped with a professional grade spray gun with quick connect features. The engine of the Campbell Hausfeld CP5211 is placed on a heavy duty steel cart that provides great stability for transportation with foldable handle for compact storage.

Speaking of compact storage, the Campbell Hausfeld CP5211 also has a built in storage for the 35 ft power cord, 25 ft hose, lance and quick connect spray tips. When it comes to mobility, the two large pneumatic wheels really make it easy for you to move the machine on different terrains or bring it up on the deck. You do not have to worry about this unit not able to stay firmly on the uneven ground. As mentioned previously, the sturdy steel cart with the help of the 2 rear wheels are the reasons for stabilizing the entire machine regardless of any terrains.

Campbell Hausfeld CP5211 Review
When it comes to assembling this unit, it is pretty straightforward and stress free. The Campbell Hausfeld CP5211 emits no foul smell and you can power it up instantly. For those who cannot bear with the loud noise generated by gas powered units, this machine gives out bearable noise and has low vibrations when in operation. This is one of the reasons why it is labelled as ideal for indoor and outdoor use.The 35 ft long power cord and the 25 ft long high pressure hose will make it easy for you to reach out any hard to reach areas effortlessly.

With the Campbell Hausfeld CP5211, you no longer have to worry of causing any damages to whatever you want to clean. This is because this machine provides 4 quick connect spray tips and a chemical tube that you can use to get different degree of water pressures that you would like to have for any specific cleaning jobs. Perhaps the only downside of the Campbell Hausfeld CP5211 is that it does not have a build in detergent tank. So you can expect some spills whenever you are attempting to draw washing chemicals from a bucket with the chemical injector. Despite so, we think that it is not enough to deter any one from getting the Campbell Hausfeld CP5211. It is geared with powerful engine and a long lasting professional grade CAT pump and a heavy duty induction motor. You can really have the best from both worlds if you get the Campbell Hausfeld CP5211

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