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Campbell Hausfeld PW1605 Review


Pros & Cons:
* Powerful mid range consumer unit with excellent value. * Easy to operate with instant start/ stop system and lightweight. * you will need to replace the hose connector to a brass version to prevent leaks.

The Campbell Hausfeld PW1605 is a popular choice for consumers who are looking for ultra lightweight electric pressure washer that is capable of helping them to handle all simple outdoor projects such as washing the driveway, walls or patio furnisher. So let's take a good analysis of small little powerhouse unit.

The Campbell Hausfeld PW1605 is considered as a mid range unit in the line of Campbell Hausfeld's consumer series. This 1600 PSI unit is powered by a 13 AMP universal motor and uses a wobble pump to deliver a maximum water flow at 1.4 GPM. This would also means that you do not have to worry of accidentally removing paints from delicate surfaces of your properties. You also do not need to worry about the durability of the wobble pump that the Campbell Hausfeld PW1605 is using, the reason that makes to say so is that this unit has a Instant start / stop system that is designed to enhance the lifespan of the motor and the pump.

This consumer grade unit includes a 20 ft high pressure hose and a 35 ft GFCI power cord. This certainly gives you a wider access at a job site without having to move the machine so often. Despite saying so, this unit does not have any wheels at the bottom of the machine. Oh well, didn't we mentioned right from the beginning that the Campbell Hausfeld PW1605 is an ultra lightweight machine? Literally any one could easily lift up this 19 Lbs unit from the handle. The Campbell Hausfeld PW1605 also has on board accessories storage compartment that allows you to keep the hose the power cord and lance organized. This economical unit does not have any quick connect nozzle spray tips that allows you to switch in between the variable degree of tips for a specific task. However, you can adjust the width of the spray from wide to pencil jet spray by adjusting the spray gun wand.

The Campbell Hausfeld PW1605 also gives you a choice to use a garden hose instead of using the included high pressure hose. There is a swivel adapter located at the bottom of the machine where you can easily attach the conventional garden hose. We would also like to suggest you to replace the threaded hose connector to a brass female both ends hose connector. This would give a good seal on the pump and prevent any possible leaks as well. If you need to use detergent to deal with more stubborn grime that are commonly found on uneven surfaces, you can easily do so by using the included detergent bottle to perform chemical injection whenever you need.

Without any doubts, the Campbell Hausfeld PW1605 is an ideal choice for those who need a lightweight electric pressure washer that has the optimum cleaning power to help you to handle all occasional tasks with ease. You can forget about spending more than 200 bucks to get another unit that also delivers the same 1600 PSI.

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