Campbell Hausfeld PW1835 Review


Pros & Cons:
* This unit uses a wobble pump in which it can have a good run of around 100 hours of use. * Short Hose *This turbo wand uses 80% less water than garden hose *on board storage that helps you to keep the accessories neat and organised

Most consumers would do anything to shun the responsibility of assembling power tools. This is one of the reasons why any versions that are user friendly with straight forward assembly are the most sought after. From our intensive research, the Campbell Hausfeld PW1835 is one of the popular electric pressure washer with simple set up and suits those less tech-savvy consumers.

So let us take a look of what’s inside the Campbell Hausfeld PW1835. Just like the Karcher K 3.540 that we have previously reviewed, this electric run 1800 PSI pressure washer with the output of 1.5 GPM can supply tremendous cleaning power for any households demand such vinyl siding and concrete cleaning as well as car washing. Apart from easy assembling, you can power up or turn off the Campbell Hausfeld PW1835 instantly like a charm. This automatic on/off feature are triggered by releasing your fingers off the trigger gun, but that’s not all ! this feature also helps to extend the pump and motor lifespan.

With the supplied 20 ft hose and a 35 ft GFCI power cord with a wrap around holder, you will have no problems having to clean a larger area without having to move the Campbell Hausfeld PW1835. Weighing at approximately 32 pounds, this unit can be labelled as pretty lightweight for you to transport it anywhere you want. Alternately, the 2 large plastic wheels further help you to move the machine on different terrains easily. When you utilise the turbo wand, you can literally transform the Campbell Hausfeld PW1835 into a stubborn dirt buster. This turbo wand not only use 80% less water when compare to using a conventional garden hose, it is also able to deliver a more focused rotating spray to quickly remove any built in grease. If you still prefer to use your garden hose, you can easily do so connecting the garden hose to the supplied swivel adaptor on the hose fitting.

The power switch is conveniently located just on the front of this pressure washer, hence you no longer have to squat down searching front and back of the machine for this switch. There’s a hose reel that gives you easy storage and mobility. Speaking of easy storage, the Campbell Hausfeld PW1835 also provides an on board storage that helps you to keep the accessories neat and organised. If you need to use soap to remove any stubborn grease, the Campbell Hausfeld PW1835 is equipped with on board detergent tank with 1.5 litres of capacity and this enable you to make easy detergent application as and when you needed.

This unit uses a wobble pump in which it can have a good run of around 100 hours of use. Therefore, if you only need to use a pressure washer to do occasional spring cleaning, the Campbell Hausfeld PW1835 will be a perfect tool for you. The Campbell Hausfeld PW1835 has another good feature that allows this machine to have a higher versatility. It includes an adjustable fan lance that you can easily adjust the spray patterns from 0° to 60° by twisting the nozzle. Does the Campbell Hausfeld PW1835 worth your investment? Despite having some minor hiccups over leaking issue that was due to manufacturing defect or wishing that the hose can be can be at least 25 ft long. We definitely think the Campbell Hausfeld PW1835 has the right cleaning power to deliver the strong pressure that you need to tackle any jobs around your house. Moreover, at the price this unit is available at Amazon, you simply have no excuse to give it a miss!

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