Campbell Hausfeld PW2575 Review

Campbell Hausfeld PW2575 Reviews

Budget Friendly Campbell Hausfeld PW2575
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Do you have bad impression of budget friendly pressure washers? Are you among those consumers who think that these units are made from inferior components and are not on par with those expensive ones? As long as you’ve done enough products research or read unbiased online reviews like those from, don’t be afraid to try them and we are very certain that you’ll be impressed once you do. Today we will be reviewing the 2700 PSI Campbell Hausfeld PW2575, a well built consumer grade unit that will not burn a hole in your pocket.

Key Features:
The Campbell Hausfeld PW2575 is powered by a durable and fast starting Honda GCV 160 engine and a axial pump with brass manifold and thermal relief for a long lasting operation than any conventional pumps. The thermal relief valve serves as a protector to your pump by preventing hot water stream from causing any fatal damages to it. The fuel efficient engine will always start on the first or 2nd pull and will never fail to deliver the optimum cleaning performance to remove all stains and grease from concrete driveway and sidewalk in a shortest time frame. Most importantly, this large 160 CC engine can deliver a steadier pump cycle with longer lifespan.

The design of this unit reminds us of a chair with rubber stoppers and fitted with 2 semi-pneumatic wheels. These components contribute to stability during operation with less vibration and the 2 terrain friendly wheels will further assist you in transporting the 65 pounds machine easily. The Campbell Hausfeld PW2575 is also compact for storage. Although we do not think it is a design flaw but the narrow oil refill opening is likely to cause some sort of spillage while attempting to pour oil into it. To resolve this issue, you’ll definitely need to get a funnel. The spray gun of the Campbell Hausfeld PW2575 has a trigger safety latch to prevent any unintentional engagement of the gun.

The Campbell Hausfeld PW2575 does not provide the standard color coded nozzle tips like the other competitors’ units. So what you’ll be getting are 2 adjustable high pressure lances that you can achieve a full blast up to a maximum of 2650 PSI to deal with harder stains and pencil jet spray for general cleaning. If you rotate the lance to the low pressure output, this will effectively allows you to draw detergent via a siphon tube through a detergent bucket. It is pretty easy to attach these lances to the steel reinforced gun as they are fitted with quick connectors. This unit also provides a 25 ft to give you a decent reach around the hose without having to move the machine. However, you may need to get a longer hose or attach your standard garden hose to the inlet connection to the pump if you need to deal with larger homes.

We think that the Campbell Hausfeld PW2575 is a pretty nice medium duty gas pressure washer for both small business operators and home owners who need to carry out casual household cleaning. You can easily purchase this powerful unit that comes with an efficient Honda engine in less than $ 500 from Amazon.

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