Campbell Hausfeld PW4070 Review

Campbell Hausfeld PW4070 Reviews

Campbell Hausfeld PW4070 Professional Grade Gas Pressure Washer
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What can you expect when you paired a commercial grade Honda engine with an Industrial CAT pump ? to make it simple for our readers to understand,'s answer to this question will be Powerful, Top notch quality and Reliability. This is exactly what you can benefit from the professional grade Campbell Hausfeld PW4070. Before you read the rest of our product review, we would like to emphasize that this particular unit does not come cheap and is designed for those who need to handle tough cleaning projects on regular basis.

Key Features:
The Campbell Hausfeld PW4070 is a 4000 PSI unit that is powered by a smooth running and easy to start Honda GX390 engine and an industrial grade CAT pump that can deliver a powerful water force at 3.5 GPM. At this dynamic pressure output, you can be assured that no dirt will be left untouched. You can use this heavy duty unit on daily basis without having to worry that the machine will fail easily. This is due to the fact that the CAT pump is fitted with ceramic plungers that can run cooler, this pump also has high pressure seals to prolong the lifespan as well. This unit is backed by 3 years factory warranty to keep you well covered against any materials or workmanship defects.

If you are a control freak, you will be thrilled if we tell you that the Campbell Hausfeld PW4070 gives you 2 unique ways to have full control over the spray pressure. First of all, this unit is equipped with an adjustable pressure gauge that gives you the convenience of changing pressure output to suit any tasks as and when needed. Next, this unit provides 5 quick connect spray tips and a soap applicator that can be easily remove and attached to the spray wand. The Campbell Hausfeld PW4070 also throws in an ergonomically designed professional grade spray gun that can maximise your productivity by dramatically reduce fatigue from prolong use. Most professional grade units would give you either a 30 or 40 ft high pressure hose, this prompted a lot of consumers to end up buying an extra longer hose so that you can enjoy more extended reach on a job site. The Campbell Hausfeld PW4070 saves you money by giving you a 50 feet non marring high pressure hose. This hose is also fitted with a quick connector that saves you from struggling whenever you need to attach the hose to the unit.

Transporting this 155 pounds machine from one location to another is not as hard as you think. All thanx to the 2 large pneumatic tires that are fitted on the heavy duty steel cart, these all terrains friendly tires can help you to push the machine around with less effort. The Campbell Hausfeld PW4070 provides on board storage for all the accessories, this include a holder for the spray gun, an accessory tray for you to keep all the 5 nozzle tips and a high pressure hose hook.

We begin our product review by emphasising that the professional grade Campbell Hausfeld PW4070 does not come cheap, It is currently priced at slightly over 1000 bucks in Amazon. However, it is understood that nothing in this machine is built with cheap materials or components. For this reason, you can be assured that you will get more than what you are paying for. Instead of trying to save more money by getting an inferior quality gas pressure washer that is bond to fail easily, it is much wiser for you to invest in a top notch quality unit that can save both time and effort in long run.

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