Dewalt DH4240B Review

Dewalt DH4240B Heavy Duty Pressure Washer

Dewalt DH4240B Heavy Duty Pressure Washer
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If you are a hard working business owner or simply need a rugged gas pressure washer that can last several years of heavy duty usage, a professional grade belt-drive unit would be a wise choice for you. Despite saying so, you still need make sure that these professional grade units are built with only the top quality components. Once these few elements fall into place, what you’ll be getting is a powerful monster machine that leaves no dirt or stains behind.

Key Features:
The 4200 PSI Dewalt DH4240B has a commercial grade belt drive Honda GX390 series 389CC engine and a commercial triplex plunger pump to give you continuous hours of vigorous dual-belt power transmission from engine to pump. You will never have to worry that these 2 powerful features would fail you if need to run this machine for long hours non stop. This durable Honda engine is perfect for those with low noise tolerance and it is very fuel efficient with start ups. Most importantly, it will never slows down and can give you constant high pressure output. The triplex pump is fitted with ceramic pistons and thermal relief valve to make sure that the pump runs cooler and is a free from any overheating issues.

The Dewalt DH4240B has a heavy duty 10 gauge steel frame with 1 1/4-inch tubular steel handles and solid steel 5/8" axle. This unit is fitted with 13" double sealed pneumatic tires that give you ease to move the 129 pounds machine anywhere you need. Unlike some other units that are non corrosion resistant and tend to tip over when placed on uneven surfaces, this double frame constructed unit can greatly reduce vibration when it use and the low profile wheel cart makes it possible for you to lean on it when needed and is storage friendlier too. Speaking of storage, this unit provides on board accessory storage compartment to help you to keep everything neat and tidy. Another thing we like about is that the Dewalt DH4240B has a large fuel tank size of approximately 6.4 quarts and a low oil shutdown sensor on the Honda GX engine.

The Dewalt DH4240B has 2 other dynamic components that help you to handle any tasks effortlessly. It has an adjustable pressure gauge that has a full range of pressure settings to give you superb cleaning performances without causing any damages to delicate properties. Another way to have precise control to the spray patterns is to use any of the 5 quick connect nozzles spray tips: 0°, 15°, 25°, 40° and soap applicator. It has a downstream detergent injection system that will automatically dispense the right ratio of water and detergent from the detergent bucket when you attach the soap applicator to the spray wand. This unit has a 50 ft abrasion resistant high pressure hose to give you extensive access to hard to reach areas. This non marring hose is very durable as it has polyurethane coated steel braid. One of the main concerns about this hose is that it is rather stiff to move around with.

The Dewalt DH4240B is not the power tool for everyone,especially those with tight budget concerns. However, it is many times more long lasting than any consumer or prosumer grade units and is a perfect tool for vigorous commercial use.

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