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Dewalt DS3532 Product Reviews

The Best Of Dewalt DS3532 Gas Pressure Washer
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One of the common myths of the commercial grade gas pressure washers is that they are extremely costly and are not as user friendly as the electric powered ones. It is true that the heavy price tags are often a big turn off for those home owners who desire to experience the superb cleaning performances that only the professional grade machines can deliver.

Key Features:
The Dewalt DS3532 is designed to meet all of your cleaning needs without burning a hole in your wallet ! This gas powered 3500 PSI unit is powered by a 9 HP Subaru commercial grade engine that gives you reliable power with fast start up. Additional durability is assured when this engine paired up with an industrial grade triplex plunger pump, this pump is fitted with an adjustable pressure unloader that gives you the convenience of set the ideal pressure output needed for the task you handle. This unit has more than enough power that any skilled homeowner will ever need and best of all It does come with one of the best product warranty in the industry.

Assembling this machine is pretty easy since it is almost ready to operate when you get it out from the box. With the help of the quick connectors, this makes all hose and accessories attachment a snap on. Like some of the other more expensive brands, the Dewalt DS3532 makes sure that the exterior of the machine is built for maximum durability by having an all welded steel frame 2 wheel cart for balance mobility. There are two extra long 13" pneumatic tires to give you smooth transportation regardless of the terrains and these tires can further absorb vibration during operation. The counter balanced frame that can stand on its own is one of the factors that make the Dewalt DS3532 ideal for cleaning large areas. You can go ahead leaving the machine in one place and working around the job site without the fear that it will tip over with the strong vibration. This unit also provides a 50 ft. heavy-duty dual-braided non-marring high-pressure hose to give you extended reach to more surface areas without really having to move the entire machine.

The Dewalt DS3532 has a fairly large fuel tank capacity of 1.56 gallon, you can be sure that the capacity is more than enough to complete a task before you need to stop for quick refill. This unit does not provide a built in detergent tank, despite saying so, you can easily perform chemical wash by using the siphon tube for a low pressure chemical injection at your convenient. This unit has a on-board storage compartments that allow you to keep all accessories neatly on the frame. It also provides a professional grade steel spray wand and a 2 piece lance is rated to 5,000 PSI. You have to keep in mind that you should not hold this wand with just one hand with the trigger pulled as this machine has dynamic power. Another way to get different degrees of spray patterns is to attach any of the 5 quick connect nozzles spray tips. These tips can deliver 0°. 15°, 25° and 40° spray that can allow you to handle most of the tasks. It also has a soap applicator for low pressure chemical wash.

The well constructed Dewalt DS3532 will give the best bang for your dollar. Without any doubts, this unit is built for maximum durability and it has a sweet price tag and this truly makes it possible for any home owners to own this commercial grade machine.

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