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DEWALT DXPW3835 Professional Grade Gas Pressure Washer
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For those who have witnessed the dynamic performance of the professional grade DEWALT DXPW3835, all of them must have agreed that this unit is an absolute beast that is designed to deal with the toughest tasks. Most importantly, this machine has an irresistible deal by pairing a Honda engine and an industrial grade pump under the reputable Dewalt name.

Key Features:
No build up dirt on the sides of your house will be left untouched with the help of the powerful 3800 PSI pressure output that is powered by a Honda GX270 commercial series engine. This is the engine that sets the standard for durability and long lasting performance to meet the consumers’ tough demands. The DEWALT DXPW3835 also has an industrial grade triplex plunger pump that can pump out a strong water flow rate at 3.5 GPM. To give the operators minimal downtime with flawless performance, the pump is fitted with ceramic pistons and a thermal relief valve. Not only that the pump will runs cooler, it will also be less likely to break down due to over heating.

Not only that the DEWALT DXPW3835 is tough on the inside, it is also robust on the outside with welded steel frame construction. The roll cage design is easy to grab hold of for efficient loading and unloading. This unit has two 10 inch double-sealed pneumatic tires that can take the tough terrain around project sites, while leaving few marks on lawns or landscaping. Once you are done with your job, the DEWALT DXPW3835 allows you to keep everything neat and tidy on board with their integrated accessory storage compartments. Another thing that we like about this machine is that it has a large fuel tank size of 5.6 quarts that can last you at least 60 minutes of non stop operation. With the help of the oil alert system geared in the engine, this not only makes maintenance easier and it also will keep you noted whenever the fuel runs at a low level.

Another secret weapon that allows the DEWALT DXPW3835 capable of removing anything in its way is the steel pro-style wand and 5 versatile quick connect nozzle spray tips. The steel wand is quite comfortable to hold for prolong hours while the 5 different tips can generate spray patterns ranging from 0°, 15°, 25°, 40° with soap application as well. Despite not providing a build in detergent tank, you can still perform your routine chemical wash by using the siphon tube that is included in this unit for a quick and easy low pressure soap application. Some commercial grade units may encounter a big drop in the pressure out put if you use a longer pressure hose. A good thing is that the DEWALT DXPW3835 has plentiful of power and it also provides a 50 foot long hose with quick connect. When worked with its extra long trigger wand, this unit allows you to reach out wider surface areas without the need to use a ladder most of the times.

Now a most important question that would always comes to the mind of any potential buyer. Does the DEWALT DXPW3835 have any draw backs? would be lying if we say no. The only small draw backs that are experienced by the users is the strong vibration would cause the spray tips to fall out of the unit. The reason why we said it is just a minor issue is that you can always take out the tips before you use the machine or simply secure these tips with tapes if you want. Overall, the DEWALT DXPW3835 proves to be a great buy for both home and commercial use. It does not come with a heavy price tag and most importantly, it paired up with a tough heavy duty Honda engine with a AAA industrial triplex plunger pump. You simply can’t go wrong with this!

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