Generac 6024 Review

Generac 6024

Generac 6024 Review
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The Generac 6024 is better known for being a mean gas pressure washer that is powered by a heavy duty 212cc Generac OHV engine. Although it is classified as a residential grade unit, you’ll be amazed that it cleans just as good as a professional unit. This power tool can deliver a water pressure of 3,000 PSI with a water flow of 2.7 GPM and it makes a great choice for those who demands lots of cleaning power to remove any stubborn stains that their current pressure washers failed to blast off.

Key Features:
Nearly all the delicate parts of the Generac 6024 are well designed with quality in mind. The first thing that catches our attention is the toughest of the welded frame that is designed to last you for a very long time. Another thing that we would like to mention about is the both the gas tank and the gas cap are made of metal.

Next the pump that is also known as the soul of the pressure washer is not any ordinary pumps that you often get from other brands that are from the same range. In case you’ve no idea about the high quality and maintenance free pump that the Generac 6024 uses, it is a Annovi Reverberi axial cam pump. So what makes it so special? Well, this AR pump with thermal relief valve has an aluminium body and brass heads with aluminium pistons that served to further extend the life span of the delicate pump. The Generac 6024 can work out of the box with just a few minutes of assembly with the capability of starting and running the engine flawlessly with just one or two pulls. It is also very user friendly and provides you an easy access to all engine controls. It comes with a 30ft hose that is enough for you to reach out any hard to reach areas. You’ll also get a heavy duty spray gun with 20" lance and easy to pull trigger to reduce fatigue from extended use.

For those who prefer a large gas tank without having to refill every now and then, you’ll be pleased with the Generac 6024 as it has a fuel capacity of 3.2 quarts. It is good enough to power you all the way by running at least 90 minutes without refilling the gas tank in the middle of your cleaning tasks. The Generac 6024 also has automatic low fuel shutdown feature which brilliantly works to prevent any engine damage whenever the oil levels become too low. Due to it’s upright and compact design, the Generac 6024 makes a rather small footprint when storing. You will have no problems of transporting this machine in and out of your RV and moving it around on any job sites. This is because it has 2 large 10" never-flat wheels that provide great stability and can withstand any rugged terrains. Another advantage of such solid wheels is that you’ll never have to pump air into them. Furthermore, the pump and the engines are perfectly balanced for smooth and easy mobility. There’s a hose hook that works brilliantly by allowing you to hang the hose immediately behind the engine to prevent any drags when you push the pressure washer. However, you will need to be careful to avoid hitting the hot muffler with the hose as this will leaks to burning the hose.

The Generac 6024 comes with 5 quick-click nozzle tips for cleaning various surfaces. Make sure you have a thorough read of the user manuals before attempting to use any of these spray tips. In case if you need to use any detergents or washing chemicals for more intensive cleaning jobs, you’ll definitely like the ideal of having dual detergent tank with 3/4 gallon capacity on your pressure washer. This allows you to store 2 detergents in the unit and the flexibility of switching to the right one for specific cleaning tasks. We honestly believe the Generac 6024 is a good buy and it can tackle any extreme jobs that you are going to assign to it effortlessly. It is so easy to set up and user friendly, you simply cannot go wrong with it!

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