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Generac 6595 Product Reviews

Generac 6595 Residential Pressure Washer
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The 2500 PSI Generac 6595 is truly a powerful gas generated pressure washer that has user friendly controls and most importantly, a budget friendly unit as well. This is definitely the ideal option for those who are looking for a reputable power washer that is jam packed with quality made components.

Key Features:
The Generac 6595 has a dynamic 196cc Generac OHV horizontal shaft engine with low oil shutdown to protect the engine. This quality engine is easy to start up with not more than 2 pulls. This is made possible with the help of an integrated unloader valve that will release pressure automatically to give you hassle free engine start up. It also has a hard working and easily accessible AR axial cam pump that saves you from the hassle of going on your knees whenever you need to attach the high pressure hose. This axial pump is fitted with cooling fins and thermal relief valve that are designed to dissipate hot water steam from causing fatal damages to the pump.

Another thing that we like is the way the 2 wheel cart frame is designed, other than allowing you to keep all accessories neatly onboard, it also has an unique foot rest that can stabilize the unit during operation. Both the engine & pump are perfectly balanced over the axle so as to make it much easier for you to transport the machine from a jobsite to another. This frame is also fitted with two 10" Never-Flat tires to assure you a smoother mobility that you desire. The Generac 6595 is designed to keep everything simple and straightforward, even if you are a first time user, you will be overwhelmed to realise how easy it is to access to all the engine controls without having to search up and down the entire machine.

This unit also provides an ergonomic spray gun with cushioned grip and easy-to-pull trigger to give you hours of fatigue free usage. It also throws in a 20" lance and a 25' PVC high pressure hose to allow you to enjoy an extended reach in a wide area without having to move the machine. Although it is perfectly fine for you to purchase a longer high pressure hose, this would also means that you are very likely to settle for a drop in the pressure output. This machine has a large fuel tank capacity of 3.2 quarts that allows you to complete a task on non stop basis without having to stop in the middle for refilling. Despite saying so, instead of providing 4 standard nozzle spray tips, the Generac 6595 only has 3 quick-click nozzle tips ranging from 0°, 25°, and soap applicator. Although we believe that these nozzle tips can help you to coup with most of the round the house chores, they are definitely not versatile enough for the small cleaning business operators to tackle more challenging tasks.

The Generac 6595 certainly performed as advertised and it delivers ample cleaning power and flow rate for all your residential needs. Without a doubt, this unit will give the best overall value especially at the budget friendly price available at Amazon.

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