Generac 6597 Review

Generac 6597 Reviews

Powerful Generac 6597 Residential Pressure Washer
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The 2800 PSI Generac 6597 is among one of the very new residential series collection that has changed the way how the homeowners used to handle their stressful house cleaning tasks. Using this unit to tackle all round the house cleaning chores is a no brainer. Let help you to check out if this will be your next ideal power washing gear.

Key Features:
The Powerful Generac 6597 has a 196cc Generac OHV engine that is built to give you a seamless performance cleaning performance with the durability that you desire. The fuss free start up engine durability is further enhanced with the automatic low oil shut down system. For those who hate kneeling down on the ground whenever you need to re attach the high pressure hose, this unit appears to be a blessing by redesigning the 2.5 GPM Axial cam pump way above the ground and thus makes it much easier for you to access it whenever you need. Simplicity is beauty especially when the Generac 6597 throws in a user friendly engine control that gives the operator the convenience of turning on/off, choking and even fuel shut off.

The next two features do not often come in the same unit and even when they do, you are most likely to pay a higher price tag for them. So what exactly are they? A large 3.8 quarts fuel tank capacity and a built in 3 quarts detergent tank! It is without a doubt that you can easily have a good 2 hours run on the machine before stopping for quick refill. The on board detergent tank allows you to store any pressure washer safe detergent on board and dispense them whenever you need to deal with dirty jobs. The Generac 6597 also gives the operator hassle free mobility by mounting the engine and the pump on a durable welded frame with 2 NeverFlat wheels to take on varied terrain. Despite having a powerful engine, this unit is unlikely to tip over even when you placed it on uneven surfaces. This is made possible by adding an unique foot rest at the bottom of the frame, it serves to stabilize the machine during operation and also helps to reduce vibration as well.

Just like the other residential grade gas powered units, you can also keep all the accessories neatly on board on the Generac 6597, we do think that It is really nice for the makers of this unit to include an integrated spray gun holster to this unit. Now let’s talk about the versatility of this little powerhouse. It has 4 quick connect nozzle tips that allow you to get 0°, 25° and 40° spray patterns to deal with any tasks you like with ease. There’s also a soap applicator that allows you to instantly draws the right mixture of detergent and water from the built in tank whenever you need to perform a chemical wash. To help you to reduce fatigue caused by prolonged use, this unit provides an ergonomic Generac spray gun with lance that has an easy to pull trigger with thicker cushioned grip for more comfortable handling. The only drawback that we can dig out from the Generac 6597 is the length of the PVC high pressure hose. The 25 ft length may not be long enough to give you wider reach around the house without having to move the entire unit. If you are fine with it then it is not necessary for you to purchase a 50 ft version.

The budget friendly Generac 6597 is a very well thought out machine with a robust 196cc engine and a durable pump that are capable of dealing any light to medium duty tasks for you. We definitely believe that it will give you the best bang of your bucks.

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