Karcher K 3.450 Review

Karcher Modular Series K 3.450

Karcher Modular Series K 3.450
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If you were to ask around your friends and neighbors, chances are nearly half of them own a Karcher pressure washer. The reason to this is rather straight forward, they have a wide collections of carefully constructed power washers that are catered to different needs and budget. If you are not yet a proud owner of a Karcher, perhaps you will drastically change your mind after reading our product reviews.The unit that we will be covering today is the Karcher K 3.450 that belongs to the Karcher famous and award-winning K3 series.

Briggs & Stratton 20420 Key Features:
The Karcher K 3.450 is designed for general home cleaning purposes. This 1800 PSI unit can deliver a smooth water flow at 1.5 GPM and is powered by a highly durable induction motor that runs cooler than those universal motor and thus it can last 3 times longer as well. Do not be fool by its compact size, this unit is jammed packed with lots of practical and yet powerful features. One of these is the integrated fine mesh water filter, this act as a barrier to block out any materials found in hard water that are most likely to cause further damages to your pressure water. It also equipped with a built in detergent tank that gives you the convenience of dispensing detergent by using a VPS wand as and when needed.

Unlike most of the electric powered units that actually require you to run back to the machine whenever you need to take a short break, the Karcher K 3.450 is geared with a total stop system that is triggered by pressing or releasing the trigger gun. This feature not only saves you from the hassle of running back to the unit, it is also electricity efficient since the induction motor will not run when the trigger is released. The Karcher K 3.450 may not be the lightest unit available but at just 30 lbs it is not too heavy for anyone to transport it to where it is needed. It has 2 roller wheels at the back of the unit and has an ergonomic design handle where you can easily pull it around the house without stressing your back.

Karcher Modular Series K 3.450
When it comes to storage, this Karcher K 3.450 also has on board storage for the 2 highly versatile spray wands can easily slips into any tight storage space without a problem. With the help of the 2 powerful spray wands, you can literally tackle any stubborn stains or perform gentle cleaning on delicate items with ease. Let’s say you need to remove mildews that are commonly found on decks or porches, all you need to do is the attach to the DirtBlaster spray to dramatically increase the pressure that comes out from your hose to as much as 50%. For more general cleaning, just use the VPS wand as you can adjust your ideal pressure by twisting the wand.

The Karcher K 3.450 includes a reasonably length 25 ft high pressure hose. Alternatively, you can also use a garden hose as this unit has the capability of drawing water from a standing source. However, to use this feature, you will need to purchase an optional accessory. Overall, we do think that the Karcher K 3.450 makes a really good buy for the home owners. It does not have damaging high PSI that would destroy your properties and best of all, it comes with an affordable price as well.

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