Karcher K 3.48M Review

Karcher K 3.48M Reviews

Karcher K 3.48M 1800 PSI Pressure Washer
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For those who dislike the idea of maintaining and changing fuel for their gas pressure washers, the only solution is to switch to the electric powered versions. You also never have to worry about overheating the delicate pumps as well since this type of units would automatically shut off when you are done with your routine cleaning tasks. This is exactly what you can get from the light duty 1800 PSI Karcher K 3.48M , let us help you to nail down all the bells and whistles that this particular unit can do for you.

Key Features:
The Karcher K 3.48M has a ultra long lasting maintenance-free induction motor and direct-drive axial pump that work pretty well with each other. You do not need to worry that the entire would break down if you need to run it for several hours on daily basis. There are 2 reasons that made us to make this statement. This unit has a powerful total stop system and auto shut off feature that are designed to extend the lifespan of the pump and motor. The motor will only runs when the trigger is pressed and no extra electric consumption is made if you release the trigger gun. This feature also guaranteed lesser noise pollution as well. Another powerful selling point that attracts the buyer attention is that the slim design Karcher K 3.48M provides an on board detergent tank to give you the convenience of storing any pressure washer safe detergent on board and dispensing them whenever you need.

Another thing we like about this unit is the lightweight and complete accessory storage. Weighing at just 35 pounds, you can easily lift the entire machine by holding the handle bar on the stairs or vehicle without really straining your backs. It also fitted with two 6 inch wheels for easy manoeuvring. The upright ergonomic design is another buying point that makes this unit a perfect one for the homeowners. You can easily slip it into any tightest corners when you are done with your cleaning tasks. When it comes to assembling, it is pretty straight forward to set up the Karcher K 3.48M in not more than 15 minutes. The best thing about this machine is that it is also very user friendly as well. It is rather surprising for us to find out that some owners even struggle when it comes to connecting the hose. This hose has an O-ring so push it gently into the base of the pressure washer before trying to thread the hose onto the unit. This will do the trick!

The Karcher K 3.48M eliminates the complexity of requiring the operators to switch different types of nozzle spray tips whenever they need to change the pressure output. This is made possible by providing you with just 2 highly versatile spray wands, the DirtBlaster and the VPS spray wands. Round the house tasks like cleaning the patio, driveways, cars and gutters can be easily effortlessly done with the help of these power spray wands. The dirt blaster wand works exactly on how it is named with the capability of giving you 50% more pressure output for more intensive projects. Whereas the VPS spray wand allow you to adjust your desired spray patterns to best suit the task you are handling. The only cons that we will give to the Karcher K 3.48M is the length of the high pressure hose. To some consumers the 25 ft long hose is long enough for them to handle most of the surfaces around their homes, especially with the help of the 35 ft long power cord that eliminates the need to move the machine from one place to another. However, it is pretty hard to clean 2nd story gutters with this 25 ft hose. If you do not wish to spend more money for a longer hose, you can attach your standard garden hose right into this machine to do the trick.

The Karcher K 3.48M have a good mix of positive and negative feedbacks on the internet. Some complained about the design flaws while others simply loved the power that it delivers and experienced none of the unpleasant issues claimed. So it is all about what you need and how much you are willing to spend. If you wish to spend less than 200 bucks on a decent 1800 PSI electric unit, this is it. What Mypressurewasherreview.com does think about this unit is that it does deliver premium performance in a compact package as promised.

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