Karcher k 3.540 Review

Karcher k 3.540

Karcher k 3.540 Review
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If the entry level Karcher K 2.38 CCK that we have previously reviewed does not fit your demands, let’s see if the award winning mid level karcher k 3.540 would be the ideal power tool for you. This unit has a lot of impressive features that we will be covering each of them in this product review.

Key Features:
The Karcher k 3.540 is one of the most sought after models by Karcher, this does not happen over night but for a couple of good reasons though. It is powered by a patented water-cooled induction motor with the capability of delivering up to 1800 PSI and water volume of 1.25 GPM. This patented motor only runs only on demand when the trigger is pressed on, it further extends the life span of the Karcher k 3.540 to approximately 5 times longer than the other electric pressure washers from the similar range

Despite not having the full set of car care kit like the Karcher K 2.38 CCK, we realised that the Karcher k 3.540 still include a lot of powerful accessories that you can use to tackle any cleaning tasks in and outside your house. Let us look at what are the included accessories. A DirtBlaster spray wand is designed to accelerate water pressure by up to 50% thus making it the power accessory for dealing any tough cleaning jobs such as peeling the paint off your fence. For much lighter jobs like cleaning the patios or driveways, you can use the vario power spray wand. This powerful wand totally eliminates the need of switching different nozzle tips in order to have full control over how much water pressure you need. It can be done so by simply turning the wand to get the desired pressure. The Karcher k 3.540 also includes a 25 ft high-pressure hose, a quick-connect trigger gun with integrated child safety lock feature to hinder any unsupervised use when you are not around. If water is not powerful enough to remove the stubborn stains, try using detergents instead. This unit is equipped with a onboard detergent tank and all you need to do is to fill up the detergent tank and attach the VPS wand to do the trick.

Next impressive accessory that we would like to highlight is the quick connect water inlet and outlet. When you team up this accessory with the non corrosive polymer self priming/siphon capable N-Cor pump, it allows you to draw water from a standing or collected water source. This eliminates the inconvenient of stationing the entire machine to a water faucet. You can keep all the accessories neatly in the integrated storage compartment, how great is that? Unlike the gas powered units, the Karcher k 3.540 emits relatively lesser noise pollution and it will take you not more than 5 minutes to assemble it. If time is precious for you and you wouldn’t want to waste much time to start up your power tools, the Karcher k 3.540 quick connect system guarantees to reduce the engine start up time by as much as 75%

The upright and ergonomic design Karcher k 3.540 is pretty lightweight for any one to move it around when cleaning work needs to be deal with. It’s compact size further helps to reduce storage space. There are some concerns over the small wheels that tend to tips on rough terrains, perhaps you should take note of this tiny little negative when using this machine. The Karcher k 3.540 is a well made mid range pressure washer that has the power to handle medium to tough cleaning jobs easily. So if you are looking for a value for money unit that has some outstanding features, the Karcher k 3.540 is definitely the perfect gear for you.

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