Karcher K5.740 Review

Karcher K5.740 X Series Review

Karcher K5.740 X- Series Pressure Washer
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One of the common myths of the electric pressure washer is that they run without making any noticeable motor noise. If you are among those who believe in this, well read further on what Mypressurewasherreview.com will be reviewing today. Many consumers may not understand the differences between a standard electric motor and a water cooled induction motor. Mainly all the units that run by a standard motor will emit annoying noises like a bulldozer, so if you have low noise tolerance, it would wiser for you to get one that has a durable water cool induction motor just like the Karcher K5.740.

Key Features:
Without a doubt, the 2000 PSI Karcher K5.740 allows you to handle all medium weight cleaning efficiently with impressive cleaning performance. As mentioned earlier, this powerful unit is fitted with an ultra quiet water-cooled induction motor. This motor has a longer lifespan than the standard electric motor as it has the capability of reducing heat generated by pump & motor. We also like the fact that it has a corrosion-resistant axial cam pump that can deliver a water flow rate at 1.4 GPM. At just 32 pounds, even an average size senior adult can easily transport this unit around the house without breaking their backs.

The Karcher K5.740 also provides the user the convenience of storing all accessories on board. Unlike the other units that falls in the same 2000 PSI category, this electric power washer as a built in pressurized hose reel that will prevent the high pressure hose from kinking & twisting. Some users think that this unit is a bit top heavy and will tip forward, while the others do not encounter such issues at all. This unit has a very useful advanced vibration dampening system that can dramatically reduce vibration while you are using the machine. Lesser vibration would also means that there will be lesser wear and tear issues to your machine as well. Assembling the Karcher K5.740 would take you not more than 15 minutes as all the components are fitted with quick connectors. Some users may encounter leaking as this unit has a plastic hose connector, to solve this issue you can either purchase a bass connector or simply use a teflon tape to wrap around the plastic connector to do the trick.

The Karcher K5.740 is a versatile unit that allows you to perform any tasks like a professional. Instead of throwing in multiple nozzle tips like the other units, this machine allows you to have precise spray patterns control by attaching either the vario spray wand to get pencil jet spray or the dirt blaster turbo nozzle to get rid of more stubborn stains. It also has a built in detergent tank that can be easily remove for quick refilling. This unit has a 25 ft high pressure hose and a 35 ft GFCI power cord that allow you to power wash a wider range of surfaces without having to move the entire machine. Another powerful feature is that the motor shuts off when you release the trigger button. This saves you from the hassle of having to run back to the machine whenever you need to take a short break.

The Karcher K5.740 is a very well made 2000 PSI with solid features and brand reputation. Best of all, it has a sweet price tag that is very affordable for the home owners. This unit can reduce your cleaning time with user friendly operation and superb cleaning performance that you ever dreamt of.

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