Maxus MX5433 Review

Maxus MX5433 Honda GX270 Gas Powered Pressure Washer

4000 PSI Maxus MX5433 Gas Pressure Washer
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Most of the commercial grade gas pressure washers come in a bulky size, this is one of the main reasons that keep the home owners from purchasing them. However, there are still a handful of these top notch machines that are very manoeuvrable and are almost 90 pounds lighter than the standard versions. Sounds good to you? The Maxus MX5433 a light physical weight of 80 pounds, best of all, this unit is fitted with top quality components and is the power equipment that you can count on regardless of the size of the tasks.

Key Features:
The 4000 PSI Maxus MX5433 is fitted with 2 extremely powerful professional grade components that are well received by the cleaning professionals. First of all, it has a Honda GX390 series engine that is easy to start and does not miss a beat even when you use it for long hours on daily basis. To give you additional durability, it even comes with a CAT 66DX triplex pump that has solid ceramic plungers to make sure it always runs cooler while handling tough jobs. This unit gives you the convenience of regulating the pressure out put according to the difficulties of the tasks via using the adjustable uploader valve on the CAT pump.

The Maxus MX5433 has a large fuel tank size of 1.5 gal quarts that is perfect for the business operators who are always on the run. When it comes to refilling and changing the oil, this unit truly saves you from getting your hands messy. This is mainly because of the dual access plugs for draining purposes. This commercial grade unit is not only lightweight, but is also small enough to fit in any tightest corners of your garage. The entire unit is mounted securely on a heavy duty cart that is made from steel and is corrosion resistant as well. Another thing to mention is that it has two 10 Inch pneumatic tires to keep the entire unit well balanced and gives the operators easy manageability

The Maxus MX5433 also provides on board accessory storage for the nozzles tips, hose and sprayer gun. Another thing that we realized is that unlike some of the previous commercial grade units that we had reviewed on that only provide 4 spray tips, this unit actually provides 5 quick connect spray tips ranging from 0°, 15°, 25°, 40° and 65°, What this means is that you can manage any tasks with ease by switching in between these versatile tips. It also has a chemical injection tube that can draw up to 5 gallons of chemicals from the soap bucket. This unit also provides 50 ft high pressure hose to give you extended reach on jobsite without having to move the entire machine at all. It also has a low fatigue professional grade trigger gun that helps to minimize the stress from holding the spray gun for long hours. Without any doubts, the combined forces of the PSI and GPM delivered by the Maxus MX5433 and these powerful features would save you both time and money in long run.

If you need a robust design commercial grade unit that is quick to assemble, easy to use and built to last, do consider adding the Maxus MX5433 into your power tool collection.

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