Maxus PW3005 Review

Maxus PW3005 Review

Maxus PW3005 Review
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What kind of pressure washers do you think have the ability to withstand heavy duty use and help you to tackle the most challenging tough cleaning jobs? A gas powered pressure washer is the right answer! However, not all gas pressure washers are made equal. Some manufacturers simply under deliver what they promised and would use less superior plastic materials on their machines. You do not have to worry if you are thinking of putting an investment on the Maxus PW3005.

Key Features:
This is definitely the dream power tool for any one who intends to use on daily basis to clean large areas such as business buildings, homes, bulky equipments or construct site projects. What makes us say so? First of all, the Maxus PW3005 is a professional grade power washer that can deliver a maximum 3000 PSI at 4.0 GPM. That’s a lot of force to peel off any paint work or rust on your gates effortlessly. This unit is built with a professional 9-HP Robin Subaru OHV EX27 engine. Durability of this powerful engine is one of the main reasons that you can use this machine to do heavy duty jobs as often as you like. There are some reports of how quick it is to start up the engine most of the time.

Next, the pump that the Maxus PW3005 uses is not those flimsy wobble pumps that will break down easily. This unit has a heavy duty camshaft pump with detergent feed that is designed to run and last much longer than the conventional pumps that the consumer grade machines use. So you do not need to worry about the pumps breaking down way before the jobs are done. This gas pressure washer is also equipped with a heavy duty steel gas tank and entire engine is sat on a heavy duty powder coated push cart. As you can see from here, nearly all the important components are constructed of weather proof high quality materials that serve to resist rust and corrosion from happening as time goes by.

With the help of the 10 inch pneumatic wheels that are designed to give balance and stability, you will have no problems transporting this machine on any rugged terrain If you need to have full control over the spray patterns for any desired cleaning chores, all you need to do is to use any of the 5 quick connect spray tips to get 0 to 65 degree sprays. The Maxus PW3005 also has a low fuel cut off feature that will shuts off the engine when low gas level is detected. Most of the commercial grade pressure washers would include a 35 ft long hose, this prompts some consumers to get a longer one in most cases. Good news is the Maxus PW3005 provides a 50 foot high pressure hose, which means that you can have unrestricted access to any high or underneath surfaces effortlessly.

The Maxus PW3005 also has another practical quick connect hose fittings feature that can saves you time by giving you an quick and easy way to attach the hose to the pump and the 50 ft hose to the spray gun. Speaking of the spray gun, It is ergonomically designed for prolong use without causing any stress on your hands. The Maxus PW3005 does not include pressure gauge where you can use to control the level of water pressure that comes out from this machine, despite so, you can easily solve this minor issue by getting one from the hard ware store and attach it on the pump to do the trick. will give the Maxus PW3005 our highest 5 star ratings for being a top quality made heavy duty pressure washer that you can entrust for handling any tough cleaning jobs. It is powered by professional grade motor and pumps that can last you many years to come even if you use the machine frequently.

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