All Power America APW5021 Review

Best All Power America APW5021 Review

All Power America APW5021 with air cooled industrial motor
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Many consumers tend to be sceptical about purchasing low price pressure washers. While it may be true that majority of these machines are made from very basic components that are unlikely to last you for a very long time. For this reason, you shouldn't be expecting them to deliver the results you demand most of the time. Despite saying so, you are still able to get well constructed unit that cost under $180.

Briggs & Stratton 20420 Key Features:
The All Power America APW5021 is designed to deliver superb cleaning performance that will efficiently help you to handle all your every day house chores in a shorter time frame. It works like a charm and has the optimal power for all the medium duty household task What we like most about this electric powered pressure is that it has every thing that you can get from the much higher priced units. It is powered by a durable 13 amp air cooled industrial motor that can generate a maximum 1800 PSI at 1.6 GPM. The front part of the unit is well protected by a stylish stainless steel panel,the machine is very unlikely to be damaged even if you accidentally tip this unit while you are operating it.

The All Power America APW5021 may not be the lightest 1800 PSI unit in the market but this up-right design machine weights at just 20.9 pounds and it does help those small built persons and senior adults to be able to handle this unit without breaking their backs. This unit is also fitted with 2 small terrain friendly rear wheels that allow you to move it around any job site with ease. What don't like is that the All Power America APW5021 is equipped with a 19 ft high pressure hose. This hose is definitely much shorter than the conventional 25 ft version. Does this deter you from cleaning more hard to reach areas? thankfully no ! this is because the All Power America APW5021 has a 35 ft long electric cord with GFCI This long power cord not only protects you from any accidental electrocution, it also saves you from the hassle of having to move the machine to the next power point too often.

Best All Power America APW5021 Review
This unit has a comfortable pistol-style grip with trigger spray wand. This feature is designed to give you a fatigue free operation with the convenience of turning on and shutting off the unit through pressing or releasing the trigger.The All Power America APW5021 does not provide the conventional interchangeable nozzle tips like most of the units that fall in the similar PSI range. In fact this unit saves you from having to struggle which spray tips to attach. All you need to do is to rotate the spray wand to get a fine to intense power spray to best suit a task. It also has an automatic soap dispenser that allows you to perform chemical cleaning any time you need. Unlike those gas generated units, the All Power America APW5021 is very simple to set up and run, while most low price units may give you flimsy plastic hose connectors that are easy breakable, you are not going to deal with this issue in this fantastic unit as it has a durable brass hose connector.

The All Power America APW5021 may not have an integrated hose reel but it still provides a basic on board storage to help you to keep all accessories neat and tidy. This compact design unit is also a space saver as it can be stored in any tight corners without any issue. To be honest, we do think that the All Power America APW5021 offers the best overall value without burning a big hole in your wallet. In fact, you do not have to pay more than $ 170 to enjoy all the great features and components that are commonly found in those more expensive versions.

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