Power Boss 020454 Review

Power Boss 020454 Reviews

Powerful Power Boss 020454 Pro Grade Pressure Washer
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With so many commercial gas pressure washers that come with varies price, features and brands, what are the most important buying factor for you? If you are not too much concern about paying the right price for a great quality item, do you agree with us that it will be great to have the best from both worlds? The Power Boss 020454 is one of the high end commercial grade series that bundles top notch professional grade components that are designed to deliver professional results all times and every times. Most importantly this unit merely cost under $ 1200 at Amazon and it even throws in engine oil for this machine!

Key Features:
This energy efficient 3800 PSI gas generated unit can give you the fastest cleaning results in the shortest time frame. Powered by a powerful and fuss free starting 390cc Honda GX390 OHV engine and a maintenance-free professional grade triplex plunger pump that can pump out a long lasting high pressure output at 4.0 GPM. You can effortlessly handle any small, medium and large scale projects without fail. The Power Boss 020454 has a most sought after feature – an adjustable pressure regulator that gives the operators the convenience to adjust the pressure coming from the pump without the need to use the standard nozzle spray tips.

This commercial grade unit is both user friendly and easy to assemble when you get it out from the box. The 161 pounds Power Boss 020454 has a durable steel frame cart that is corrosion resistant and it is fitted with two 12 inch NeverFlat wheels to give you easy mobility over rough terrain. These two components also can reduce vibration during operation and provide stability when you load and unload the machine. When you are done with your tasks, all the accessories can be stored on board. Another thing we like about this unit is the large fuel tank capacity of 1.725 gallon. What this means is that you can have a good run of at least 60 minutes, this is crucial as the very last thing you wish is to do is to take frequent breaks during work just to refill the gas tank.

Now let’s talk about the versatility of tasks that you can perform with the Power Boss 020454. It has an industrial grade 50 ft high pressure hose to give you an extended reach for large projects without the need to move the bulky machine too often. This hose is steel reinforced to give you enhanced durability and it is also fitted with quick connectors to give you easy attachment to the pump. On top of that, this unit also provides 5 Pro-style spray tips (0 degrees, 15 degrees, 25 degrees, 40 degrees and a soap applicator) for those who prefer the “traditional” way of switching in between different color coded nozzle tips in order to achieve different degrees of spray patterns. Despite not providing an on board detergent tank like the other less powerful models, the detergent injection system also allows you to add your preferred detergent to the water stream at a low pressure output automatically when you drop the siphon tube into the detergent bucket.

Now it’s time for our unbiased verdict. Is the Power Boss 020454 worth for your investment? It certainly does! Despite the lack of a built in detergent tank and a hose reel, it has everything you need. Mypressurewasherreview.com likes freedom of unrestricted reach that the 50 ft high pressure hose can offer, also the convenience of the adjustable pressure regulator can do. Jammed packed with all professional grade components, it is without a doubt that the Power Boss 020454 is built to last and to over deliver.

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