Powerstroke PS80516A Review

Best Powerstroke PS80516A Reviews

Powerstroke PS80516A Gas Pressure Washer
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The 2200 PSI Powerstroke PS80516A has the ideal cleaning power that can help you to easily handle most of your house cleaning without causing any damages to the surfaces. Weighing at just 60 pounds, this unit appears to have a much compact and light weight design than most of the other gas pressure washers in the market.This definitely help medium built women and senior adults to operate this machine without breaking their backs.

Key Features:
Powered by a powerful 140cc OHV PowerStroke engine and a maintenance-free aluminum axial cam pump to deliver a steady water flow rate at 2.0 GPM. There's also a thermal relief valve to further extend the life span of this axial cam pump and does not require priming prior to washing. The ultra compact frame with rubber foot and two 7" never-flat wheels make it sweat free for anyone to move the machine to where ever that needs power cleaning. Priced at the under $ 350, the consumer grade Powerstroke PS80516A definitely offers you one of the best overall value.

Speaking of the ultra lightweight frame, you do not need to worry about tipping over uneven surfaces. The entire machine is securely mounted at the bottom of this frame and the rubber hose will reduce vibration when you are operating this unit. Another thing we like about the Powerstroke PS80516A is the on board storage for all components and accessories. This not only keep everything neat and tidy, it also prevent any possible accident while trying to push the frame from one place to another. If you are among those consumers who hate complicated assemble, you will be pleased to know that the the Powerstroke PS80516A has one of the least number of components for installation and it's pretty easy to assemble it right out from the box.

Best Powerstroke PS80516A Reviews
Due to it's compact size design, it is understood that you are not going to get a big gas tank for the Powerstroke PS80516A. While doing our indepth research, we realised that this unit has a fuel capacity of 0.25 gallons.It is pretty sufficient for running the machine for about 1.30 hours before you need to refill the tank. This unit has 3 quick connect nozzles spray tips for cleaning various projects , this includes a 25 to 40 degree HP fan nozzles,and a low pressure soap nozzle. It also has a 25 ft non-marring high pressure hose and a 21 ft spray wand with quick connect coupler. For some, the standard length of the hose and spray wand may restrict them from reaching out broader surfaces. If that is the case, you can purchase an additional longer hose to do the trick.

The Powerstroke PS80516A also has an ergonomically designed trigger metal handle that serves to reduce fatigue from prolong usages. It also has a nice safety lock out feature to prevent accidental trigger. Now, our final verdict. Mypressurewasherreview.com thinks that although the Powerstroke PS80516A does not equipped with any expensive parts, the 140cc OHV engine can still deliver good cleaning results without fail. Furthermore, it comes with a sweet price tag from Amazon and is perfect for any households that have tight budget.

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