Pressure Pro E3027HG Reviews

Pressure Pro E3027HG Review

Pressure Pro E3027HG Heavy Duty Pressure Washer
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The Pressure Pro E3027HG brilliantly merges a powerful 6.5 HP Honda GX200 engine and a General brand triplex plunger pump and transformed a rugged looking gas pressure washer into a heavy duty workhorse that you can rely on to wash cement patios and effortlessly blast of the mildews that are commonly found on the siding on your house. Without any doubts, this well constructed unit will be one of your best long term investments. Now let's take a look at the key features of this product.

Key Features:
The 2700 PSI Pressure Pro E3027HG has a tipping point at 3.0 GPM which makes this machine ideal for handling both domestic and medium weight commercial cleaning with minimal effort. The Honda engine is popularly recognised for both reliability and fuss free start up whereas the long lasting ceramic triplex plunger pump requires minimal maintenance and is less likely to be clogged by the mineral deposits found in hard water. Other than this, you can be assured that the pump is of top quality as the housing where the pistons are is all brass. This certainly makes it stand out from the aluminium pistons found in the residential grade units.

Another thing that we like about the Pressure Pro E3027HG is that the entire components are mounted on an ultra lightweight aircraft grade aluminium frame with 2 padded shock absorbing feet. This durable frame provides great stability when you are operating the machine while the 2 large pneumatic tires will give you ease of transporting the machine from one place to another. The Pressure Pro E3027HG also has some nice safety features to further protect the operator's safety and provide longevity to delicate components such as the motor and the pump. It is equipped with a thermo sensor to prevent overheating and a low oil alert system that will automatically shuts down the machine and serves as a reminder for you to refill.

With the help of the adjustable pressure unloader, you can easily increase or lower the output of the water pressure to best fit any tasks. This feature not only allows you to wash delicate items without peeling off the finishes and also saves you both time and money to get a job at a shorter time. Another way to control the pressure output is to use any of the 5 interchangeable quick connect nozzles to perform chemical wash via a siphon tube and to have wide angle or pencil jet spray to best suit a cleaning task.

Nothing beats having a ultra long 50 ft high pressure hose. This steel reinforced hose allows you to cover wider cleaning areas with ease without having to run back to your machine. Did we mentioned that the rugged Pressure Pro E3027HG makes a perfect helper on job sites? Let's face this, not all professional grade gas pressure washers will go to an extend to protect the engine from muds, grease and dirt. This often results in pre matured engine failure. However, a piece of good news of the Pressure Pro E3027HG is that it is equipped with a 50 mesh inlet filter to serve as a protective shield for the Honda engine. So does the Pressure Pro E3027HG fits all your demands? While some consumers may be deterred by it's high price tag, but as we've mentioned right in the beginning of our product review, this unit does make a great long term investment for your home and business needs. It is not only well constructed but also has a lot of powerful components to provide smooth operation, low maintenance and powerful cleaning output all times and every time.

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