Pressure Pro E4040HC Review

Pressure Pro E4040HC  Heavy Duty Pressure Washer

Pressure Pro E4040HC Heavy Duty Professional Pressure Washer
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What happens if a commercial duty pressure washer is built on an aircraft aluminium frame? One thing that is very certain about is that this type of unit will not take off like an airplane but they are many times more durable and lightweight than those that are built on steel frames. Also not to forget the fact that they are corrosion free as well. These are merely less than a friction of the benefits that you can get from the Pressure Pro E4040HC, we will help you to nail down the rest of the top notch features that are found in this heavy duty unit.

Key Features:
The 4000 PSI Pressure Pro E4040HC is powered by a dynamic 13 HP Honda GX engine that will always starts on the first pull and has a CAT triplex plunger pump with the capability to run cooler with no extra maintenance. While most of the powerful engine would emit loud noises while in use, you’ll be overwhelmed to know that this Honda engine is pretty quiet for its powerful performance and is well received by its fuel efficiency ability as well. The entire unit is mounted on a lightweight aircraft grade aluminum frame that has a lifetime frame warranty and it helps to make this unit easy to move around and stays steady during operation.

You will never have to worry about durability issues with the Pressure Pro E4040HC for several reasons. Other than the well known long lasting Honda engine and reliable CAT pump, this unit is fitted with a Thermo Sensor system to deter any sorts of overheating from causing fatal damages to the pump. Another good feature that comes in this unit is the automatic low fuel shut down system that serves to enhance the lifespan of the pump and engine. We have mentioned earlier that it is pretty easy for any average size adults to move the commercial grade Pressure Pro E4040HC to anywhere they like. This is also partly because this unit has 2 large size pneumatic wheels with dual padded shock absorbing feet fitted underneath the lightweight frame. You will never have to worry about the entire machine tipping over when placed on uneven grounds.

Now let’s talk about the versatility of this unit. We’ve came across several praises from the owners how the Pressure Pro E4040HC can remove years of grease and dirt in very little time. Some even claimed that this unit only utilize less than 40% of the time their old gas pressure washers used to take. This unit has a professional grade spray gun and wand and with the help of the 5 quick connect nozzles spray tips, you can achieve a variety of spray patterns ranging from 0º, 15º, 25º, 40º to best suit a task with ease. To deal with more stubborn grease, simply attach the soap applicator to the wand and the unique chemical injection system will automatically mix the ideal ratio of water and detergent at low pressure output. The Pressure Pro E4040HC also saves you from the hassle of getting additional extra long hose by providing a highly durable 50 feet high pressure hose that is steel reinforced. This feature would definitely give you more extended reach while you are on a job site. However, this unit does not provide any integrated hose reel as some of the consumers think that this over a 1000 bucks unit should have. What we think is that there’s no right or wrong when it comes to such feature as different consumers have different demands. The Pressure Pro E4040HC does worth every penny you invest as it is an excellent professional grade unit with only the best components. The costs of the powerful Honda engine and the CAT pump have already worth more then cost itself.

If you do not have a tight budget for a top quality gas power pressure, will highly recommend you to spend extra dollars to get the Pressure Pro E4040HC. Our reason is clear and straightforward, having a unit that delivers dynamic cleaning power will save you both time and money in long run. Not forgetting the fact that this unit is fuel efficient as well.

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