Pressure Pro HC/EE2015G Review

Pressure Pro HC/EE2015G Reviews

Pressure Pro HC/EE2015G Heavy Duty Hand Carry Pressure Washer
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The Pressure Pro HC/EE2015G is an electric powered hand carry pressure washer that is constructed with professional quality features and components that will allow you to work smart without working hard. This unit is much pricier and has much lower PSI than the STANLEY 2350 that we previously reviewed, nevertheless, this is the machine designed for individuals with high expectations. Let’s go further in details how you can benefit from using this unit.

Key Features:
The Pressure Pro HC/EE2015G can push 2 gallons per minute with a 2 HP engine, this is the ideal heavy duty machine for handling light to medium weight tasks for your everyday cleaning tasks. Instead of using a stainless steel frame, the Pressure Pro HC/EE2015G had an aircraft grade aluminium frame with lifetime warranty. This type of frame not only is much lighter in weight and it will never break apart or turn rusty regardless of exposing to any weather conditions. This 1500 PSI unit is powered by a durable commercial grade 18 Amp induction motor and an easy to maintain triplex plunger pump made with ceramic components to ensure this pump will always run cooler and thus last longer than the conventional axial cam pump.

This unit weights about 95 Lbs and with the help of the ultra lightweight aircraft grade frame that has dual handles, you can easily lift it up into your car or anywhere around the jobsite. When you are done with your chores, the Pressure Pro HC/EE2015G can be stored at any corners of your garage or on the shelf. The bottom of this aluminium frame is fitted with 4 padded shock absorbing feet to curb any sorts of vibration during operation. The Pressure Pro HC/EE2015G has one of our favourite features that is hardly found even in the higher end machines. What exactly makes excited about is the adjustable pressure unloader that is fitted in this unit. This feature is a time saver that allows the operator quickly change the power of spray pressure to suit the task without having to use the conventional nozzle tips.

Now let’s talk about the safety features that come in this heavy duty unit. Instead of just providing 1, the makers of the Pressure Pro HC/EE2015G are pretty generous and thoughtful to throw in 3 fantastic one for you. It has a 50 mesh inlet filter that serves to protect the engine from being choked up by unwanted dirt. This unit also has a thermo sensor that can protect the pump from being damaged by over heated water stream. This feature is very important since this unit can accept water up to 104 F degrees and the very last thing you ever wish to happen is the entire engine and pump being damaged by overheated temperatures. The last safety feature bundles in the Pressure Pro HC/EE2015G is the 36 inch GFCI power cord that can protect the operator from the risk of getting electric shock. To give the users maximum versatility to perform a wider scope of tasks with ease, this unit also provides 5 color coded quick connect nozzles that can deliver variable degrees of spray patterns ranging from 0º, 15º, 25º and 40º and a soap applicator as well in case you need to perform chemical washing. With the help of the 50 feet steel reinforced high pressure hose, you can also cover a wider surface area in large project side without having to move the unit too often.

Frankly speaking, there are some machines that are overpriced with cheap components and very standard features. This is definitely not the case of the Pressure Pro HC/EE2015G as you will be getting what you ever dream of from a tough constructed heavy duty machine. We certainly think that it is worth any extra dollars that you are going to pay for as this is the unit that is made to withstand hard work for you.

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