Shark DD-252737 Review

Shark DD-252737 Commercial Grade Pressure Washer Reviews

Shark DD-252737 Commercial Grade Pressure Washer
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There are lots of bells and whistles for the Shark DD-252737 and this leaves the potential buyers to ponder if this unit has the best value for the money. No matter if you are in a professional cleaning business or a skilled homemaker, this commercial series pressure washer will definitely leaves no dirt or grease untouched. Let us show you the powerful features and components that come with this unit.

Key Features:
The 2700 PSI Shark DD-252737 is powered by a highly efficient 6.5 HP Honda commercial grade GX engine and this smooth running engine is paired with a long lasting and rebuildable Karcher triplex plunger pump that can pump out a steady water flow rate at 2.5 GPM. If you are thinking that this unit is going to cost you a bomb you are absolutely wrong! This is one of the very few prosumer grade units that is jammed packed with professional features with an attractive consumer price tag.

The pro grade engine and pump are securely mounted on an all weather proofed and durable welded steel frame with front and back handles. You will never have to worry that the frame will turn rusty. This frame is fitted with two large size all terrain friendly pneumatic tires, and the ergonomic handles further help to make it much easier for you to load and unload the entire machine around the jobsite without straining your back muscles. When you are done with your task, you can keep all the accessories on board. The Shark DD-252737 also provides a long pro-style wand that has a comfortable middle grip that serves to reduce muscle fatigue even if you work for extended hours. This unit also throws in 5 highly versatile color-coded quick connect nozzles with the capabilities to give you a wide array of spray widths from 0° to 40°. Despite not having a built in soap container, you can attach the soap nozzle tips to the wand and drop the siphon tube into a detergent bucket to give you a low pressure chemical out put whenever you like.

Another feature that we like from the Shark DD-252737 is the inclusion of a 50 ft heavy duty high pressure hose. This not only allows you to have a wider reach around large project sites without the need to move the machine, it also eliminate the need for you to buy an extra hose. There are some nice safety features that are found in this unit as well and before we elaborate, we need to emphasize that the Shark DD-252737 is one of the very few prosumer units that meets stringent ETL safety guidelines. It has a safety device call the unloader valve that serves to release the pressure when spray gun is closed. There’s also a thermal pump protector that is designed to prolong the lifespan of the triplex pump by injecting fresh cool water through pump when the water reaches 140°F.

The budget friendly Shark DD-252737 is backed up by a strong product warranty; this includes 7 years for the triplex pump, 3 years for the frame and 1 year for the parts. Frankly speaking, you may not even get such a generous product warranty when you purchase those expensive pressure washers. Without a doubt, the Shark DD-252737 will give the best bang for your investment without costing you a bomb.

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