Shark DD-383537 Review

Shark DD-383537 Reviews

Shark DD-383537 Prosumer Grade Pressure Washer
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The Shark DD-383537 is one of the very few prosumer grade units that is packed with top of the line professional features without demanding you to pay a premium price for it. This unit is totally a game changer and is the perfect investment for those who are tired of using the overpriced and under power pressure washers for their everyday cleaning jobs. Let’s check out what you can get in this great quality machine.

Key Features:
This 3500 PSI unit is powered by a most sought after 13 HP Honda commercial grade GX 389 cc engine. This fuel efficient engine is fitted with an E-Z start valve that can give you a hassle free pull-start. To give you enhanced performance and long lasting durability, the Shark DD-383537 paired this workhorse engine with a rebuildable German engineered Karcher triplex crankcase pump that can pump out a powerful water flow at 3.8 GPM. This machine has plenty of power to remove any light, medium and heavy weight grease and dirt for you with lesser time and fuel consumption.

Most consumers are confused over the difference between the GX engine and the GC engine, to those skilled commercial users, the Honda GX series appears to be a smarter choice with low-oil shut-offs, which prevent damage to the engine. This type of engine has cast iron bores that contributes a longer lifespan for your machine. Another powerful feature that we like most is the thermal pump protector that can divert high water temperatures away from the pump. This effectively reduces the chance of damaging to the pump. The Shark DD-383537 has a heavy duty, all weather proof welded steel ergonomic frame that is designed to protect all the delicate professional grade components and stability during transportation. This corrosion free frame cart has a convenient on board accessory storage compartment to help you keep everything neat and tidy.

To give the operators easy loading and unloading and smooth mobility regardless of the terrains, this unit is fitted with two large size pneumatic wheels and 1 1/4" front and back handles to help you to move this 132 Lbs machine easily from one location to another. The makers of the Shark DD-383537 seemed to understand the consumers need to obtain extensive reach at larger areas. It provides a 50 ft steel-wire braid high-pressure hose with hose guard for burst protection. Despite that this unit does not provide an integrated hose reel to keep the 50 ft hose, efforts are made to include a swivel fitting on this hose to give you tangle free operation.

This prosumer grade machine also has a long professional grade side-grip spray wand to give the operator fatigue free operation. It also has 5 versatile colour coded quick connect nozzles to give you an easy switch to different degrees of spray patterns to best suit a task. We are a bit disappointed to find out that there is no built in detergent tank in the Shark DD-383537. However it throws in an easy-to-attach detergent injector and a soap nozzle for easy application of detergents. Time for our verdict, without any doubt, the game changer Shark DD-383537 is a good example of quality made prosumer grade machine that is friendly to your wallet. You need not worry that you are over paying for something inferior, infact, at the price it is selling in Amazon, you are definitely getting a over the value investment.

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