Shark DGA-383537 Review

Shark DGA-383537 Cold Water Pressure Washer

Shark DGA-383537 Cold Water Gas Pressure Washer
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We had previously reviewed a professional grade gas pressure washer that is built on an aircraft aluminium frame. This type of aluminium frames are highly recommended for consumers who are always on the run and exposing their pressure washers under extreme weather conditions. The reason is clear, other than facing fatal issues like motor break down, the next issue that you probably wouldn’t want to deal with is corrosion. Can you get the best of both worlds? answer is a definite YES ! Check out our unbiased review on the Shark DGA-383537 below.

Key Features:
The Shark DGA-383537 is a 3500 PSI gas generated pressure washer that is powered by a reliable and extremely quiet commercial grade Honda 389cc GX engine. This heavy duty engine can withstand the rigorous demands of frequent use with the capability of quick start up with not more than 2 pulls. This powerful unit also has a rebuildable and long lasting Karcher triplex pump that can push out a powerful water flow rate at 3.8 GPM. So no matter if you need to clean heavy equipments or to perform light to medium weight cleaning, the Shark DGA-383537 will certainly leaves no dirt or grease behind.

Speaking of durability, perhaps it is nothing new to you that a triplex pump is many times more long lasting than a standard axial cam pump. To make the Shark DGA-383537 stands out from the rest, this unit is geared with a pump support bracket and a unique u-seal technology to give you a much longer lifespan for both the engine and pump. We had emphasised that you can get the best of both worlds from this particular machine, the next secret lies within the weldless aluminum frame. Despite of its lightweight, this frame accounts for enhanced durability with corrosion resistant capability. When it comes to mobility, the Shark DGA-383537 can give you hassle free experience regardless of the terrains. This is due to the fact that this lightweight frame can evenly distribute weight between the heavy components, thus making it much easier for an average size person to pull or push the entire machine from one location to another with ease.

The unique fold down handle of the Shark DGA-383537 can help to minimize storage space and it also makes it easier for you to lift the machine in and out of your vehicle. Like all the other gas powered units, this machine provides the users with convenience on board accessory storage. This include holders for the spray gun and wand, accessory tray for keeping the nozzle tips and a high pressure hose hook. One of the common issues for the over 3000 PSI machines is instability caused by intense vibrations, it is rather annoying to see your pressure washers tipping over frequently when placing on uneven surfaces. The Shark DGA-383537 has 2 powerful features that help to eliminate this problem. It is fitted with 2 extra wide pneumatic wheels and it also has vibration isolators fitted underneath the engine. With the help of the wide wheels, you need not worry about stability issues. Whereas those isolators can greatly reduce vibration and can help to reduce wear and tear to the engine and pump.

Another thing that we like is the fact that this unit is built with commercial grade components. Yes you’ve read it correct; every single components of the Shark DGA-383537 are of top quality grade. Other than engine and pump, it also has professional grade spray gun and wand and it even throws in 4 commercial grade nozzle spray tips to give you more precise control over the degree of spray patterns needed to handle a special task. To give you wider access to more hard to reach areas, the 50 feet wire reinforced hose can do the trick for you. Without any doubts, the Shark DGA-383537 is designed to give you great performance with best overall value for your investments.

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