Simpson MSV2623-S Review

Simpson MSV2623-S Gas Pressure Washer

Simpson MSV2623-S Gas Pressure Washer
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What actually makes the gas generated Simpson MSV2623-S one of the sweetest deals in the consumer grade pressure washers market?without any doubts, it has to be the robust cleaning power generated by an reliable Honda GVC engine and a sweet price tag. Imagine that you can make your house siding,vehicles, decks and balcony to look as good as new by just running this unit for a couple of hours. You simply do not wish to turn back to your electric generated machine any more.

Key Features:
No more worries about having to endure loud noises and painlessly maintain the pumps of your gas pressure washer! The Simpson MSV2623-S is equipped with a maintenance free aluminum axial cam pump that is designed to drastically reduce vibration , heat and noise. As a result, you can be assured that the engine and pump will be much more long lasting. This 2600 PSI unit is powered by a super quiet , easy and consistent starting Honda GCV160 engine that gives you sufficient power to tackle any small to medium duty cleaning tasks with ease. Furthermore, it has a small and compact design that makes it easily transportable by any one.

Speaking of fuss free transportation, there are several praises of the two 10" premium pneumatic tires that are mounted on a robust welded frame. This makes it so easy for you to maneuver the Simpson MSV2623-S on uneven surfaces and the sturdy trolley design is easy to reposition as you move down the drive ways. The Simpson MSV2623-S also gives you the convenience of storing all accessories on board. This feature eliminates misplacements of important components and also makes it much safer for you to move this unit from a job site to another.

Next, let's talk about the accessories that come with the Simpson MSV2623-S. It has a 25 ft. high pressure poly-braided hose that truly wished that it could be at least 5 ft longer. Despite so, this length is pretty ok if you are power washing around your house. If you are thinking of cleaning bigger space, we would advise you to get an extra 50 ft hose to do the trick. Another thing that we like about the poly-braided hose is that it will not be leaving any nasty scuff marks on surfaces. You definitely like the ergonomic designed spray gun if you are thinking of using the Simpson MSV2623-S for long hours. This would greatly reduce hands fatigue. It also has a safety lock feature that prevents any accidental and unintended activation of the trigger. If you need to perform variable tasks, you can use any of the 4 stainless steel quick connect nozzle tips. These will help you to blast off mildews on concrete, wooden deck, or using detergents to remove more stubborn stains. The Simpson MSV2623-S will deliver an outstanding result that will please you without breaking your backs.

The Simpson MSV2623-S is not only well constructed, it is also pretty easy to assemble all components with the help of the quick connectors.Despite so, this compact size beast has a relatively small gas tank that will probably last not more than an hour of constant operation. still believes that this unit would give you the best overall value. Did we mentioned that the Simpson MSV2623-S has a one of the sweetest deal in it's category? do give this pressure washer a try today and feel the difference.

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