Sportsman GPW1800 Review

Sportsman GPW1800

Sportsman GPW1800 Review
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Most of us would take into believe that gas generated pressure washers are bulky and are rather heavy to move them around with you. The Sportsman GPW1800 is rather lightweight at just 40 pounds, compared to most of gas pressure washers in today’s market. Does it have enough power to meet your cleaning demands then? Let us analyse its unique features for you.

If the commercial grade power tools with extreme PSI are not an option for you, perhaps it will be a good reason for you to consider the Sportsman GPW1800 instead. Do not let it’s high portability and lightweight to fool you. In fact it can deliver a surprising cleaning power of 1800PSI of water pressure with direct drive 1.6 GPM of water flow. Giving you ease and convenience to blast off mud from your tires or mildew off of boat decks or patio.

One of the most common issues with the gas generated pressure washer is that the hose leaking or burn out when it got too close to the muffler. You’ll definitely face the same issue from the Sportsman GPW1800 too and thus be always prepared to get a spare universal hose to solve this problem. There are several reports about how easy it is to fire up the Sportsman GPW1800 with just one or two pulls. The fast engine start up falls on the 4 stroke 98cc engine with recoil start. It also has a engine horsepower of 2.5 HP and a direct drive pump of 1.6 GPM. You can start using this power tool in as easy as 3 simple steps after assembling and adding sufficient unleaded gasoline in the machine. First switch the fuel valve and engine switch to the “on” position, next make sure the choke lever is geared to the “closed” position. The last step is to pull on the recoil starter handle until a slight resistance is felt, voila ! this would start the engine effortlessly

Sportsman GPW1800
The Sportsman GPW1800 has a good safety feature to keep you at ease when you are running out of gas in the mist of using this tool. The low oil detector system will instantly shuts down the machine without causing any damage whenever it detects low fuel in the 0.4 gallons capacity tank. The Sportsman GPW1800 is well constructed with durable metal frame and brass fittings. If versatility is one of your main concerns, you definitely will not be disappointed with the Sportsman GPW1800. It comes with 4 quick connect tips where you can choose to have high pressured cleaning to low pressure rinsing at your finger tips. The 4 tips allow you to perform pressure spray, pencil spray, narrow spray and wide spray. Need to access to hard to reach areas? Now you can because this unit includes a 20 ft. pressure hose, trigger gun with comfortable grip and heavy duty wand, an injection hose for cleaning solution application.

When it comes to storage, you will be pleased to know that the Sportsman GPW1800 only takes up minimal storage space. All thanx to its onboard storage designs, you can hang the spray wand on the grip rest and the 20 ft hose can be coiled up and hang on the hose rest. Overall, the Sportsman GPW1800 is worth every penny for those who demand great cleaning power with fuss free engine start ups without having to spend high price on a gas generated pressure washer. It is so easy to tote around and this makes it so convenient for you to use it anywhere you need. This is definitely the dream power tool that most households need.

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