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STANLEY P2350S Portable Gas Pressure Washer
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Most of the gas generated pressure washers are bulky in weight with tough looking 2 wheels frame carts that may not be easy for an average size person to move it around the jobsite without straining their muscles. This leaves the consumers with very limited choice if they want something that is portable and lightweight. The medium duty Stanley P2350S is one of the very few available models that fit into this category with the superb cleaning power for dealing with your daily cleaning tasks.

Key Features:
Weighing at just 47.4 lbs, the 2,350 PSI Stanley P2350S is indeed one of the lightest gas pressure washers in today’s market. Powered by a fast starting Stanley 140cc, 4 stroke, ohm gasoline engine that has a horsepower of 5. It also has an integrated axial cam pump that can generate a maximum flow at 2.3 GPM. It is geared with a thermal relief valve to protect the pump from damage by overheating water stream. This unit is the best in class performance and is the ideal choice for both home and small business use with fuss free handling and operation and also saves a lot of storage space when it is not in use.

The budget friendly Stanley P2350S is built to withstand vigorous demands from you. Most of the gas powered units that fall under the same PSI range have their engines and pumps exposed to harsh weather conditions. What makes the Stanley P2350S to stand out from the rest is that their pump and engine are enclosed to reduce the chance of wear and tear. On top of that, the entire unit is wrapped around with high quality stainless steel finish to prevent any possible damage to the delicate parts and engine. Another thing that we would like to emphasize is that this unit does not require complicated assembly when you get it out from the box. Once it is assembled and fill up with gas, the Stanley P2350S will be transformed into a beast to remove any dirt for you. Two of the most common issues with the powerful gas generated machines are noise and vibration. This is one of the reason why most operators would have to put on ear plugs to protect their ears from busted by the noisy engines. You definitely need not put your health at risk with the Stanley P2350S, this is due to the fact that it has a patented pending design that aims to reduce vibration and noise without having to sacrifice any reduction in the performance.

We have previously mentioned that this unit is very lightweight and it has 2 handle bars on top of the machine that are comfortable to grip. Despite of its compact design, this unit also provides convenient on board accessory storage compartment such as the detergent container holder and slot where you can keep the spray wand, If you do not like the idea of having to lift up this machine with one hand, you can always get an optional wheel kit for your Stanley P2350S so that it can “follow” everywhere you wash. This unit comes with a standard with a spray gun and a unique high-pressure variable spray wand to eliminate the hassle of switching in between the interchangeable nozzle tips. However, do not be fooled by the look of this high pressure variable wand. This is the only one that you can ever get from the Stanley P2350S that has the capability of handling a maximum pressure output of 3000 PSI. With a simple twist of the wand, you can obtain full control over the power of spray patterns to best handle the tasks. It also has a standard 25 ft braid reinforced high pressure hose to give you a reasonable amount of reach without having to move the machine too often.

The Stanley P2350S also provides a detergent injector and siphon hose for convenient low pressure soap application in case you need to perform chemical wash to deal with more challenging grease. To conclude our product review, we honestly think that the Stanley P2350S has everything you need or dream from a medium duty machine. It has the power of a gas unit with a price of an electric version from Amazon that you will hardly regret to own it today!

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