Stanley P2750S Gas Pressure Washer

Stanley P2750S Gas Pressure Washer

To be honest with our readers, we have to admit that the very first thing that captures our attention when we look at the Stanley P2750S is the cool design that really makes it stands out from most of the gas pressure washers. This unit really changes the typical impression of how a pressure washer should looks like. However, do not be fooled by its innovative and compact design. the Stanley P2750S is a very powerful machine for those who are looking for a commercial duty tool that they can use frequently without having to pay a premium price tag.

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Powered by a 173 cc, 4-stroke, OHV gasoline engine to deliver a dynamic 2750 PSI at 2.5 GPM. The Stanley P2750S has a fuel tank capacity of 0.75 gallons and it will not disappoint you when it comes to tackling the toughest projects for you. This unit has an integrated axial pump with thermal relief valve that serves to prevent any damage on the pump while idling.When it comes to storage and mobility, this machine totally outshine the rest of it’s competitors as it takes up little space when stored and its rather lightweight to carry it around with you. Many users are delighted over the fact that they can actually put this unit at the trunk of their cars.

When it comes to assembling the Stanley P2750S,you definitely can get it set up in not more than 10 minutes when you get it out from the box.However, this unit does requires some effort to start with approximately 6-7 pulls by pulling the long ripcord. Despite so, this smooth running engine can clean almost anything when it is set at the lowest setting. You’ll have no problems to reach every nooks and cranny of a job site with the help of the 25 ft high pressure hose. The Stanley P2750S also saves you from the hassle of switching different nozzle spray tips to best suit a task. This is made possible with the high pressure trigger gun with variable spray wand, You can get from wide to pencil jet spray pressure by rotating this versatile spray wand.

Stanley P2750S 2750PSI Pressure Washer

We had mentioned about the innovative and compact design of this unit right from the beginning of our reviews. There’s one more thing that we would like to emphasize here is the durable commercial duty brushed stainless steel design that the Stanley P2750S has. This is rather important as you are most likely to operate this unit in outdoors, you definitely would not want your power gear to turn rusty easily. The Stanley P2750S also allows you to perform any chemical wash with detergent via a siphon hose.There is a small detergent bottle included and can be easily attached on the side of the unit.

If there’s any flaws that we can find in this unit, we have to say it got to be the rubber feet. They will leave some scuff marks on the decks and may vibrate off the board. This is most likely caused by the motor’s vibration. To solve this issue, the Stanley P2750S does give you an option to purchase a pressure washer wheel kit to be fitted at the bottom of the unit. Without any doubts, do think that the Stanley P2750S has the best innovative design in today’s market. When it comes to cleaning performance, you simply cannot go wrong with the Stanley.

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