The Great Generac 6022 Review

Generac 6022 review

Generac 6022 Review
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Looking for a pressure washer that is robust, powerful and most importantly it can last you for many years to come? A gas pressure washer will be the perfect tool as it can deliver a consistent PSI and GPM that are imperative for both basic and tougher cleaning projects. When it comes to quality made power tools that you can use to handle any extreme cleaning tasks for your house or business use, Generac is the brand that you can put your trust on. The Generac 6022 is one of the most popular residential grade pressure washer with 2,700 PSI of power and with powerful water flow of 2.3 gallons per minute. It will ease your jobs in washing sidewalks, patios, gates, vehicle and many more.

Key Features:
This powerful Generac 6022 utilize a 196cc OHV engine with a built in automated low oil level shut down feature for safety purposes. There are several praises about how easy it is to assemble and start up this power tool. This fast engine start up is made possible by the integrated unloader valve that will diligently emits the right amount of pressure for a smooth and faster engine start up. Despite not having an adjustable pressure unloader valve installed on the pump, it is still possible for you to control the amount of pressure you need for various cleaning tasks by simply changing the spray tips on the wand

Another practical features that we would like to talk about is the ergonomic spray gun with cushioned grip and the easy pull inverted fulcrum trigger. These 2 features serve to minimise fatigue from prolonged use. The noise level that typical gas pressure washers produce are rather loud, however the Generac 6022 is surprisingly a quiet outdoor pressure washer that produces a bearable engine noise that most people will not notice. For those with a weak back, you’ll be please to know that the Generac 6022 does not require you to kneel down to make quick hose connections. It is easy to manoeuvre and store the compact size Generac 6022. It may not be ultra lightweight since it weighs 71 pounds and will weigh slightly more once you fill the fuel tank. Despite so, you do not have to worry about having to move this machine whenever you need to do so. The engine and pump are perfectly balanced over the axle and the 2 large 10-inch solid wheels for stability and easy transport, regardless of terrains.

If you need to remove any stubborn stains that are commonly trapped within the gaps of the uneven surfaces, the build in detergent tank of the Generac 6022 and the included 4 quick click nozzle tips can do wonders for you. The Generac 6022 comes with a 25 ft hose that is made from PVC. There’s something that you need to pay more attention while using this machine. The PVC hose is located rather close to the muffler and it is bound to burn out the hose if it is pull at an undesired angle. Other than this, the Generac 6022 is a very well constructed machine and is designed to have a much longer life span when compared to other units from similar range.

Overall if you are looking for a gas powered pressure washer that runs smooth and has all the bells and whistles such as ease of use and assemble, soap dispenser, dynamic residential cleaning power with low noise level. the Generac 6022 will be a dream machine that you want to have.

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